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About Us

QUBITEQ ( is a software house and systems integrator. Its primary field of activity is the development, sale and support of integrated software applications for businesses and organisations operating in Greece and abroad.

By closely following the rapid evolution in I.T. and Communications technology, QUBITEQ is developing and marketing a broad range of innovative solutions and services based on substantial ICT convergence know-how and aiming to cover requirements for the most demanding projects in the field.

QUBITEQ provides identity management, healthcare and assisted living solutions, access control, security and secure transactions applications, loyalty applications, ticketing, mobility and location-based value-added services through its expertise in smart cards, the use of NFC (Near Field Communications), RFID & contactless technologies and its broad experience in overall systems’ design and database management systems.

Through its partnerships, QUBITEQ has also been actively involved in the installation and support of OTA (Over-The-Air) SIM card management and Value Added Services platforms of world leading vendors in major mobile telecom operators of Greece and the Balkans.

QUBITEQ has invested, maintains and offers end-to-end turnkey solutions in securely hosted and managed computing environments facilitating deployment of large scale mission-critical applications.

QUBITEQ is a member of SEPE ( and the NFC Forum ( and is a Microsoft Certified Partner.


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