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With a proven track record in over the years, QUBITEQ has developed and deployed numerous solutions managing people registries for private and public organisations.

QUBITEQ now offers solutions combining past experience as well as state-of-the-art tools enhancing data integrity, secure storage and exchange of sensitive information, integrated tracking mechanisms and open interfaces that enables interoperability with other systems.

The fields of application of our Identity Solutions include:

  • Public sector organisations (e.g. Citizens, Welfare Registries)
  • Corporate Environment (e.g. Employee records, HR, Contact Lists)
  • Health and insurance (e.g. Patient records, Insurance ID cards)
  • Clubs (e.g. Sports Clubs & Federation members)
  • Marketing, customer loyalty and promotion (e.g. loyalty scheme members, mailing lists)

Our identity solutions combine the following features :

  • Robust database design in an Identity Management generic module
  • Web based interfaces for fast deployment and ease of access
  • Personalised contact or contactless ID cards (Smart Cards), tokens or fobs depending on the application
  • Attendance, transaction, tracking and tracing mechanisms of ID media through fixed or portable devices
  • Secure exchange and storage of sensitive information, end-to-end from the database management to portable ID media
  • Interoperability with desktop terminals, POS and mobile devices according to standards.

Our turnkey solutions cover a wide spectrum of requirements. QUBITEQ invests on using the latest technologies ensuring solid performance and reliability of electronic transactions.

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