NFC ArtPro

Safeguard Cultural Heritage. Optimise artefact collections’ management.
A comprehensive data collection and processing solution aiming to support activities for cultural heritage management and security, improving collections’ safety and documenting artefacts’ conservation process.

The “NFC Art Pro” platform is an innovative NFC based solution that facilitates real time remote data collection and processing of routine cultural heritage management activities. It safely acquires and transmits data over the air and the internet during registration, documentation and conservation of cultural heritage assets. The platform also improves security through a unique real-time scanning and patrolling feature used either in museums or remote sites.

Museum and site managers can have a clear remote overview of activities in the field for assets in storage, in transit, undergoing conservation procedures or in exhibition. The system provides real-time monitoring, statistics and reports related to registered artefacts as well as different controlled locations or sites.


  • Over-the-air, real-time Electronic Registration and documentation of artefacts and historic sites

  • Dynamic Preservation Condition Assessment of artefacts and monuments with the use of electronic worksheets

  • Capture and Upload photos for the documentation of artefacts, conservation activities and reporting of field assessment or security incidents

  • Get an Expert’s feedback interactive function

  • Real-time Web-based management monitoring system

  • Ability to manage multiple geographically dispersed sites  

  • Over-the-air, real-time personnel activity tracking

  • Workflow management and dynamic, over-the-air personnel routing to service points or tasks

  • Dual mode functionality

Online – whenever 3G/GPRS coverage is available

Offline – the application continues to function normally, buffering messages and executes a batch update when it re-establishes network connection

  • Comprehensive statistical, reporting and data aggregation functions

Solution Components

  • NFC mobile devices and/or tablets for personnel

  • NFC enabled artefact identification tags

  • NFC tags installed on registered locations

  • NFC tag IDs for registered personnel

  • Central Cultural Heritage Management Service monitoring platform

  • Route Management and Data Entry application

  • Communication servers delivering status updates and O-T-A messages

Platform Advantages

  • Versatile Solution, numerous use cases

The NFC ART PRO platform can be easily customized to adapt to numerous museum or site configurations for a broad range of activities in the field of cultural heritage management and conservation.

  • Status and service delivery feedback enriched and digitized

Dynamic questionnaires for each artefact or site facilitate precise collection of digital data, leading to operational insights and business intelligence of all related activities.

  • Proof of Presence, ease of use

The touch of the NFC tag, along with the location geo-tagging is a full-proof verification of the staff and crew being present in the exact service delivery location.

  • Real-time data communications

The central monitoring platform has accurate and real-time records of the status of all operations, delays or deviations from schedule. It is also able to push messages back to the staff on the field.

  • Multi-device and multiplatform

The NFC Art pro solution can be deployed on any mobile phone supporting NFC** giving you a wide range of options for devices.

  • Security function – Strict SLA monitoring

Security patrols and relevant service activities may be scheduled to reflect existing SLAs and deviations are clearly marked and stored. A full set of statistics & reports can then be used to identify discrepancies arising from different sources

  • Continuous Service Guaranteed

The NFC ART Pro client application continues to operate even in indoor locations where mobile network coverage is not guaranteed. The offline queuing subsystems ensure that all artefact and location scans (and relevant information) will be stored and transmitted immediately upon network reconnection.

  • Expert Contribution from Museotechniki

NFC Art Pro has been developed with the valued contribution of Museotechniki, a company active in museum management and conservation of artefacts.

** Android NFC and JSR 257 platforms currently supported

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