NFC Campus

A new and original approach in automated Campus Management, utilizing NFC technology for tracking student and staff activities, facilitating in-campus service delivery and enhancing security.

“NFC Campus” is an integrated solution aiming to enhance and facilitate fundamental daily routines performed in an academic environment, improve access to services offered and increase the level of security, especially in cases involving minors.

Students and staff receive personal “SofTouch” NFC badges (cards or other formats). By touching their badge to a mobile NFC device, students will record attendance to classes, record their presence while boarding the school-bus, enroll to courses, access in-campus services or areas and present their badges to campus’ security staff as proof of their identity during random security checks. The staff will record their presence and activities in a similar manner, as well as gain access to restricted areas.

Badge holders can optionally participate in an in-campus e-purse scheme, through which badges can be topped-up with a limited amount of money to be used for cashless transactions in points-of-sale accepting this secure form of payment. The e-purse system of “NFC Campus” enhances security and ensures that funds will be spent on designated goods offered within the controlled campus environment.

Platform Advantages

  • Comprehensive Academic Activity planning and preparation
  • Open-ended architecture, interaction with existing systems
  • Detailed reporting and analysis
  • Enhanced security; real-time monitoring
  • Streamlined in-Campus experience
  • Cashless transactions with e-Purse scheme
  • Multi-device and multiplatform
  • Continuous Service and Data Integrity Assurance

If you are interested in learning more about NFC Campus, you can contact us directly for a personalized quote and a description of how our exhibition platform will facilitate your everyday business.