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In the booming era of Information and Telecommunications Technologies, data are made available on the move in all sorts of portable devices, with the predominant use of mobile phones assuming the most important role due to their exponential adoption worldwide.

QUBITEQ is following this evolution by offering solutions that transform the portable devices into clever terminals in the hands of every user. QUBITEQ’s solutions are adapted in order to facilitate information delivery, user interaction and data acquisition for several applications.

The fields of application of our Mobility Solutions include:
  • Location-based information delivery over-the-air (e.g. Services and POIs, Tourist Information)
  • Data collection and acquisition (e.g. Field service application, On-line incident reporting)
  • Personal Tracking and Fleet Management (e.g. GPS data tracking and monitoring of vehicles, vessels and other objects, Geo-fence implementation)
Our Mobility solutions combine the following features:
  • Back-office database management operating in secure computing environments.
  • Web platforms for accessing and controlling logged content, accessible from all stakeholders with the appropriate secure access credentials.
  • Use of mobile devices (mobiles phones & PDAs) as service delivery medium.
  • Delivery of rich content over-the-air to connected terminals.
  • Secure wireless communications with the use of standard encryption protocols in all components of the platform.
  • Real-time data communication, status monitoring, messaging, GPS or other location tracking methods and control of the process.
  • Activity logging and projection of routes onto mapping software.
  • Electronic data exchange via contactless technologies, such as RFID and NFC.
  • Data entry of information from the field in customised questionnaires and timely synchronization of content with the central databases.
  • Aggregation and statistical analysis of recorded data, reporting and archiving of transaction logs.
  • 3-tiered, modulated, SOA-architected solutions, providing a cost-effective path for user-customization of available services.
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