In an effort to answer to the growing concerns of our times regarding public safety, security and secure data exchange, QUBITEQ and its partners have developed solutions and platforms aiming to establish a framework of operation for any organisation handling sensitive data of selected groups of people or the broader public.

The solutions combine use of the latest technologies in secure transactions and cryptography, respect to individual or corporate rights to privacy as well as seamless end user functionality adapted to requirements of every application.


The fields of application of our Security Solutions include:

  • Public safety for minors and the elderly (Student pass, presence recording and monitoring, Assisted Living applications)
  • Access Control and Presence Recording Systems (e.g. Corporate premises, Real time security patrol tracking, Employee & visitor passes) of sensitive information.
  • Information systems access, OTP (One-time-password) applications
  • Trusted service management of applications (security domains and lifecycle management)
  • Certification Authority (CA) and Registration Authority (RA) infrastructures

Our Security solutions combine the following features:

  • Efficient database management integrated in comprehensive back-office applications. Aggregation and statistical analysis of recorded data, reporting and archiving of transaction logs.
  • Management of access levels and entry rights, suspicious activity warning, real-time alerts.
  • Web based interfaces for fast deployment and ease of access.
  • Personalised contact or contactless ID cards (Smart Cards), tokens or fobs depending on the application.
  • Secure exchange and storage of sensitive information, end-to-end from the database management to portable ID media via contactless technologies, such as RFID and NFC.
  • Interoperability with desktop terminals, POS and mobile devices (mobiles phones & PDAs) as service delivery media, for hassle-free deployment.
  • Public Key Infrastructure applications, supporting the end-to-end encryption and transmission of sensitive information.