NFC Field Service

A comprehensive data collection and processing solution aiming to support field service activities, offering tracking of service personnel and bringing details from the field into perspective

NFC MyFair

An innovative Event Management solution providing added value services to attendees and organizers, introducing a novel user experience in exhibitions, congresses, sports and combined events.

NFC Patrol

Real time guaranteed proof of presence and incident reporting for added value security services management.The “NFC Patrol” platform fully utilizes NFC technology to offer a superior service level in the management of security patrol services.
By combining heavy duty “Securi-Touch” NFC tags with the appropriate software and portable devices, one can implement a new method of performing security checks and patrols in indoor and outdoor locations.

NFC ArtPro

Safeguard Cultural Heritage. Optimise artefact collections’ management.
A comprehensive data collection and processing solution aiming to support activities for cultural heritage management and security, improving collections’ safety and documenting artefacts’ conservation process.

NFC Care

A solution that redefines the creation and maintenance of quality insurance and/or healthcare records, featuring instant reporting, enhanced data security, extended mobility and versatility.

NFC Campus

A new and original approach in automated Campus Management, utilizing NFC technology for tracking student and staff activities, facilitating in-campus service delivery and enhancing security.

NFC Retail

A comprehensive platform using NFC technology for the retail industry by providing effective functionality for activities such as merchandizing, couponing, loyalty and sales.

NFC Media

A solution for advertising agencies managing data for innovative NFC compatible media thus transforming advertising strategies and campaigns.


Hours at Work  is a modern productivity platform that integrates with existing or newly installed Access Control company infrastructure, to automatically import and analyze data regarding the movement of employees within the company premises. With HAWK, you can:

  • Keep track of the employee time spent inside the company.
  • Automatically record and aggregate daily employee attendance.
  • Generate powerful productivity analysis reports to link employee rewards to performance.
  • Achieve the reduction of system slack where needed

Infinity CMS

Infinity CMS is the new web platform of QUBITEQ for the development of modern, interactive websites. It is a pre-constructed, full-featured Internet Portal that can be instantly customized to your business needs and easily deployed as your new online web presence. You are invited to discover the main advantages of our Content Management System and browse through the list of available features, to see what Infinity CMS can do for your business.