NFC MyFair

An innovative Event Management solution providing added value services to attendees and organizers, introducing a novel user experience in exhibitions, congresses, sports and combined events.


NFC MyFair is a comprehensive integrated system for the management of a variety of events such as exhibitions, congresses, sports and combined events. The solution is based on contactless technology and NFC enabled devices assuming multiple roles and providing an innovative user experience and ease of use.

An event organizer defines event parameters in the MyFair Planning module, collects attendee information on-line through the MyFair web interface, produces “MyFair SofTouch” badges upon registration in the event, controls access and records presence at the event venue(s) and in specific areas such as exhibitor stands, meeting rooms or specific areas.

The “MyFair SofTouch” badge is a personal identity allowing every attendee to get personalized service from various NFC-enabled spots (e.g. info-kiosks, vending machines or points-of-sale) deployed in the event venue. 

The information collected over-the-air from the field, in real-time, is stored and aggregated in an event database providing value added statistics and reporting to all parties involved (the organizer, the visitor, the exhibitor, the merchants). 


Platform Advantages

  • Comprehensive event planning and preparation
  • Support for almost any ticketing scenario
  • Detailed reporting and analysis
  • Real-time monitoring
  • Streamlined visitor experience
  • Personal e-Purse for attendees
  • Multi-device and multiplatform
  • Continuous Service and Data Integrity Assurance
  • If you are interested in learning more about MyFair, you can contact us directly for a personalized quote and a description of how our exhibition platform will facilitate your everyday business.