NFC Patrol

Real time guaranteed proof of presence and incident reporting for added value security services management

The “NFC Patrol” platform fully utilizes NFC technology to offer a superior service level in the management of security patrol services.
By combining heavy duty “Securi-Touch” NFC tags with the appropriate software and portable devices, one can implement a new method of performing security checks and patrols in indoor and outdoor locations.

Every security checkpoint is equipped with its registered unique “Securi-Touch” tag enabling the patrol guard to swipe his personal NFC mobile phone over the tag to declare and record his presence on site.  A touch is all that is needed in order for the NFC Patrol device to record the guard’s presence and securely transmit over-the-air, in real time, the location and status information of the checkpoint to the NFC Patrol monitoring platform.

Solution Components

  • NFC mobile devices and/or tablets for personnel

  • NFC enabled artefact identification tags

  • NFC tags installed on registered locations

  • NFC tag IDs for registered personnel

  • Central Cultural Heritage Management Service monitoring platform

  • Route Management and Data Entry application

  • Communication servers delivering status updates and O-T-A messages